How To Use Websites As Research Paper Sources: 4 Helpful Tips

Today it is now possible to write a complete research paper without ever leaving your home or even your couch. You can do all of your research from your laptop, tablet, or computer and then proceed to write your paper on the same electronic device.

If you are going to use websites as your only source for a research paper, it is important that you are smart about doing this. Remember many of the things that can be found on the internet are not considered credible sources or credible information. If you are going to write your research paper strictly using websites, make sure to use our four helpful tips as you do this.

4 Pieces of Advice

  1. If you are going to compose your piece this way, consider using the electronic sites that your school recommends. Most schools now have a media center web page where you can link to the recommended places for references. If you are not familiar with recommended places, visit your media center and talk to the media center specialist. Some schools buy packages of different sources that can be accessed electronically for their students. You may need the passwords for the different places.
  2. Consider using .org or . edu sources. Most of these locations have material that has been verified to be accurate. A school will not post or link to inaccurate information if at all possible. You will be safe if you use .org and .edu information.
  3. Some popular places allow for the readers to contribute to the information. Be careful using this as a source because you do not know if the posted information has been verified by the host.
  4. If you are going to pay to use an internet source, be very careful. Some of these sites are very pricey, and work on a recurring charge basis. What this means is that you may need one piece of information but may be contracted to a 12 or 6 month obligation. Always read the fine print very carefully if you are paying to use an internet source.

When you decide you want to write your research paper just using the internet, always be careful. Consider using electronic sites that your school recommends, consider using .org sources, make sure you did not use a location word readers contribute, and try not to pay for any of the places you are going to use.