How To Excel In Writing Papers On History: A List Of Cold War Research Paper Topics

Writing papers on history can be difficult because you have very little space for creativity. However, you still need to make your work interesting and captivating for the readers. To achieve this goal, you will need to study quite a few high quality samples. Learn from people who have already succeeded in this endeavor and you’ll definitely create an excellent essay.

Choosing a good topic is also very important. You have to be sure that there is enough material for you to create a truly outstanding paper. This means that you have to do some preliminary research before making a final decision on this subject.

If your assignment is a paper on the Cold War, the following prompts might help you come up with an original and interesting topic:

  1. The reasons behind the Truman Doctrine.
  2. Explain what Truman Doctrine is. Why do you think President Truman proclaimed it? What are the major factors responsible for his decision?

  3. Marshall Plan and the Republicans.
  4. Define the main goals of the Marshall Plan. Why were the Republicans opposed to it?

  5. Iron Curtain Speech by Churchill.
  6. Analyze this speech carefully. What part did it play in the developing conflict? What warnings did Churchill give in his speech? Were they heeded? What situations could have been avoided if they were?

  7. The effect of the Cold War on civil defense in the U.S.
  8. The rise of civil defense movement and construction of bomb shelters is connected to the “arms race”. What kind of effect did it have on the development of American society?

  9. Atomic bombs and the Cold War.
  10. As “arms race” played a major part in this conflict, and the acquisition of atomic bombs had a huge impact. How did this affect the strategies of both the USSR and U.S.?

  11. Could the Korean War have been prevented?
  12. How did the Cold War affect the conflict that resulted in the Korean War? Was it possible to stop this particular situation from escalating?

  13. “Space race” and the Cold War.
  14. “Arms race” wasn’t the only contest of the Cold War. What can you tell about “space race”? Is it better to call this whole thing “technology race”?

  15. Cold War: origins.
  16. Where did it start exactly? What caused this conflict? Was it inevitable? What were the major contributors to the escalation of the conflict?

  17. Did the Cold War end?
  18. Offer your personal ideas on the topic and support it with some evidence from today.

  19. The role of the Yalta Conference in the Cold War.
  20. Did the conflict start here? How did the resolutions from this conference affect it?