The Top 20 Hottest Research Paper Topics About Vampires

Vampires have struck fear into the hearts of many movie goers, children and adults alike and will continue to do so for many years. As an object of fantasy, vampires inspire romantic ideas, fascinating stories of strength and speed, accompanied by a lust for human blood that we simply can’t get enough of.

Despite being purely fictional, there are many people who believe vampire really exist and as a result, countless research projects have been conducted in attempts to prove this theory true. There are many stories, passed on through generations, that depicts true tales of persons that really existed. Here are some of the hottest research paper topics about vampires:

  1. What are the origins of the vampire story and how did it become popularized?
  2. Are the depictions of vampires in movies today anything like they were in the original stories?
  3. Would most women that swoon after vampires now, really enjoy the act of being owned by one?
  4. Are there vampires walking among us today? Would we even know?
  5. Is there any evidence to support the idea that Jesus was really the first vampire?
  6. What can vampires and their bloodsucking habits tell us about ourselves as a species?
  7. Are we ready to meet ethereal beings or is the romance of movies tricking us into a false sense of security?
  8. Will the human race survive if vampires really exited?
  9. How is it that many countries have legends of vampires or something similar?
  10. What attributes of Elisabeth Bathory make her stand out as a likely candidate for being a vampire?
  11. Who was the most famous vampire and how did they attain this fame?
  12. Which came first, vampires or vampire bats?
  13. Can batman be considered a vampire?
  14. Are all vampires evil beings, or can there be good ones, just like with humans?
  15. When relating to vampires, where does the myth end and reality begin?
  16. Would we have the same obsession with vampires if we lived in an age, without electricity?
  17. What would it mean for the human race, if mythological creatures like vampires, are proven to exist?
  18. Have modern movies ruined the fantasy of vampires that many people have enjoyed for their entire childhoods?
  19. Are Europeans as fascinated with vampires as much as Americans are ? What accounts for this difference?
  20. Who is the person or persons responsible for the first story of a vampire ever to be told?