The Top 10 Marketing Term Paper Topics To Consider

Choose a topic that you feel comfortable writing about

If you need to write a marketing term paper then you should pick a topic that you will feel comfortable writing about. If you pick a topic that you don’t know very well or that you simply are not comfortable writing about, then it can have a negative impact on the quality of the work that you produce.

Furthermore, if you are comfortable with what you’re writing about, then it will help the process to flow more naturally, which means you will be less stressed out while doing the work.

Think about the word count and whether your topic is detailed enough to meet it

If you have to write a long paper, then it is worth keeping the work counting mind whilst thinking of a topic. For example, you may think of an excellent topic, but if there’s only enough detail for relatively short essay then you should save this topic for another time, and look for something that is more appropriate for the essay that you have to write.

Understanding the different essay writing styles and how it affects your choice of title

If you have been assigned an essay style already, then this can have a huge choice on your title. Examples of essay styles may include argumentative, analytical, definition, or descriptive essays.

Basically, if you are comparing two different marketing campaigns then a descriptive essay will not be appropriate; whereas, a compare and contrast paper would be ideal.

10 marketing term paper topics that you could use

To help you think of some ideas for your own topic, there are a variety of ideas listed below. It is possible you could write about them as they are, or you could change the words about slightly as well as customising the title so that it is more suited to your style and abilities.

  • The most successful marketing campaigns of all time
  • Marketing campaigns that backfired
  • The role of social media in modern marketing campaigns
  • The importance of cultural awareness when it comes to the marketing campaigns of multinational companies
  • A comparison of two television advertising campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns: Persuasion or manipulation?
  • The power of viral marketing campaigns
  • The dos and don’ts of successful marketing
  • How to create brand loyalty through marketing
  • The power of marketing in a homogenous industry