A List Of Outstanding Information Technology Research Paper Topics

Exploring topics ideas from the past, present and future

If you need to write an information technology-based research paper, then you may be thinking what topics you can write about. The good thing about information technology is that you can look at the history of something related to the subject, such as the beginnings of the Internet or the first inventions surrounding computers; alternatively, you can look at how information technology has influenced the present; finally, you can even look at future innovations that are expected in the information technology sector. As a result, you have a wide range of potential topics that you can choose from.

Choosing topics that you are really passionate about

A good place to start looking for topic ideas is by thinking about things that you are interested and passionate about. It may be that you wish to write about something to do with the computer games industry, or if you enjoyed programming, you may look at one of your favourite programming languages, or at web design. Ultimately, the more you enjoy the subject, the easier it will be to write good quality content about it.

Other sources of information that you can use

To help inspire you, it can be useful to look at prewritten papers that other students have written. In fact, it is possible to find essay that have been written not only by students, but by a wide range of other people as well. The Internet is a great place to look, with many websites offering papers that you can buy, as well as those that others that are available for free. These can then be used to help give you some topic ideas of your own.

Ten information technology titles and topics to think about

  1. What is the future for email?
  2. Is it right to censor the internet and, if so, to what extent?
  3. How has technology replaced traditional skills?
  4. Should technology be used to genetically alter embryos?
  5. Discuss the ethical issues surrounding brain control through the means of technology
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of implanting bio-chips under the skin of people for identity purposes
  7. How has the rise of mobile communications affected developing countries?
  8. Should access to the internet be free?
  9. Describe how information technology has revolutionised a particular industry
  10. Should social media companies have more responsibilities when it comes to protecting the users of their products?