The Top 7 Research Paper Topics On Native Americans

If you are tasked with writing a paper on Native Americans and cannot select a topic, consider the seven items below as a starting point for potential topics:

  1. Write a paper that focuses on the phrase “American Indian” and how today it is typically used as a synonym for “Native American. Discuss how this can prove problematic for many who would argue that the names were given to them and not selected by them.
  2. Write about the unique characteristics that Native Americans share including their history, culture, and religion.
  3. Write a paper that follows the history and effects of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Complete it as a study on cultural diversity.
  4. Write about the novel Love Medicine and what it has to say about multi-generational connections between different Native American familiars.
  5. Examine the attacks that took place on immigrant wagons that were moving to Utah during the fall of 1859, known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
  6. Write a paper that explains the background and origin of the Chumash Indians.
  7. Write a paper that focuses on the Indian Removal Act, signed by Andrew Jackson and what impact it has had even today.

If you cannot think of a potential topic, take a moment to reflect on or review magazine articles you have recently read or newspaper articles you saw. There might be something of keen interest in there which you can use as a foundation for your topic. You might also consider recent films you saw, documentaries you watched, or anything that might have inspired you. You can brainstorm using a free write session. This is a type of exercise wherein you set a timer for a specific amount of time and during that time you keep your pen to paper and write anything that comes to mind. The brain is unique in that it can maintain an average of seven thoughts in the conscious mind at once. If your conscious mind is preoccupied with lists of things to do or appointment times, you can help free up your subconscious creativity by practicing this exercise. This exercise will enable you to write down the thoughts that are clouding your conscious and free up space for your subconscious thoughts to surface. When the timer is up, you might find a reoccurring theme in your page which would make the ideal foundation.