The 10 Most Exciting Research Paper Topics For College Students

You will surely be asked to write a research paper or two for your college courses. To make it easier for you to write a good paper, you have to make sure that you use an exciting topic. Here are some really good suggestions to help you get started. Be sure to remember that you can use a topic on this list but it is better to use this list to brainstorm ideas.

  1. Could you consider abortion a necessity of our society because of the expanding population?
  2. Should the prison system be reformed because of the large amount of money it takes to sustain them?
  3. How successful have rehabilitation centers been with helping recovering addicts stay clean?
  4. Is it a parent’s social responsibility to vaccinate their children?
  5. Is our current taxation system fair (and think about how things would get done without taxation before answering)?
  6. We don’t hesitate to put our dogs out of their misery but we will let grandma lay there in pain for days, Should doctor assisted suicide be allowed?
  7. Does testimony by experts alter the truth for a jury?
  8. Is the television your baby sitter: how has technology affected parenting?
  9. How is marriage affected when the woman is the bread winner?
  10. Should something more be done about the rate of obesity in America?

Once you have chosen a topic, you should start by creating an outline. The outline will help you determine what information you need to research and will also help you organize your ideas and present them in the best order. Sometimes it will make more sense to present your most influential reason first and other times it is best to present it last. This is a decision that you can make while creating your outline.

The outline will help you develop your thesis statement. Make sure that every word or sentence works towards proving that thesis statement. You may find an interesting fact about your topic that you really want to write about. If it doesn’t help prove that thesis though, it is really taking away from the paper rather than enhancing it.

The best way to write an excellent paper is to choose a topic that you find exciting. That way you won’t be boggled down by reading through all of the research materials.