The Best Way To Compose A Research Paper Methods Section

The methods section of a research paper details how the information was collected and what type of information it is. You might have quantitative information derived from secondary sources like census statistics or you may have qualitative data derived from primary sources such as interviews or long ended questionnaires. This is also known as your paper’s methodology.

This can be one of the harder aspects of this type of project but if you are looking for ways to simplify and make life easier, consider the following:

  • Find a text book that covers the material
  • There have been text book makers for literal centuries documenting the process through which any phenomena can be adequately researched. You need not go back to the very earliest examples of these but keep in mind that they exist. Knowing that, you can begin to seek out the best sources for your own purposes. There are even open source books if you lack finances.

  • Request more specialized instructions from your professor
  • There are many ways to write research and sometimes an individual professor may have an especially complex method that he or she expects. The only way you will know for sure is to ask. This should be done whether or not you have experience doing this type of writing for others.

  • Look for sample papers that can be used as models
  • This will help you so much more than you probably can realize. A sample shows you how to put into use any rules that you may have picked up from text books or advice you may have gleaned from your professor directly. This may cause a problem however if you get a paper that appears to be good superficially but is actually full of errors you will accidentally replicate.

  • Find a good template
  • A template is almost as good as a sample but the two will actually work best in tandem. When you find a good template, it shows exactly where all of the parts should go so you simply fill in the data that is relevant to your specific project.

  • Ask a friend to hold your hand through the process
  • Sometimes the best method of all is to have someone else show you how it is done. If you have a friend who is good at this, they should be your first choice.