The Research Paper Structure: 5 Vital Aspects

The most fundamental aspect of any educational pursuit is investigation. Without it, we wouldn’t have a functioning system of education at all. Over the years various methods have been developed and polished pertaining to the structure and design of research papers. Here are 5 vital aspects of any research paper:

  1. Introduction
  2. The introduction sets the tone for you paper. It leads the reader into the topic and guides their perception of the information you’re about to give to them. Make the introduction interesting, outline what you intend to do and why and show how to came to the decision to pursue this particular course of research. It should be brief, but generally informative.

  3. Discuss methods used
  4. Data is nothing without the ability to assess its quality and accuracy. Discuss the methods used to gather your data, and the measures taken to avoid contamination of data or misleading results. The rejected options of methodology should also be briefly discussed to give the reader a sense of understanding of the reason for your choice of method.

  5. Present Data
  6. Data can easily become a jumbled collection of statements and numbers. This raw data needs to be read effectively and accurately so the method of storing data is important. A system that is too complicated can limit understanding, while one that is too elaborate can create its own problems. Design a system that best depicts the data in a clear, uncluttered, but at the same time, concise manner.

  7. Express your interpretation of the data
  8. Experimental data can often be interpreted in various ways, and this is in fact a huge part of the scientific method. As best as possible, show how you interpret the data. Give your reasons and explanations for you interpretation, as well as any valid references. Show how the data lead you to your chosen interpretation and show examples of how your interpretation may be observed.

  9. Conclusion
  10. This is where you wrap up your paper with a final statement that should summarize and be supported by all the gathered information. The conclusion should be obvious at the end of a good research paper without much need for explanation or validation since all of this would have already been done in the body of the paper. It should be a short concise statement that leaves little or no room for doubt.