How To Write A Good Research Paper On Hamlet's Madness

There is no doubt that Hamlet has gone mad in Shakespeare's masterpiece, Hamlet. If you take world literature, you will be assigned a composition on this theme. Make sure as you prepare to compose your piece, that you have completely read the play and many literary critiques of the play. You must also research Shakespeare and his background. Much of Shakespeare's life can be found in his tragedy. Once you have read the tragedy and the critical analyses, you are ready to move ahead with your paper. There are three areas you can focus on dealing with the essay that has been assigned on Hamlet's Insanity. You can address his romantic issues, his family issues, or the issues of being a ruler.

  • Romantic issues- this could make for an interesting paper. You cannot overlook Ophelia. The intense feeling that haunt Hamlet are also a piece of what drives Ophelia to her suicide. While no one would call this play a romance, the romantic conflict is a big piece of our main character’s drama. Consider this approach for a unique and quite interesting composition.
  • Family issues- you cannot overlook the main character’s problems with his family. His mother and his father bring much drama to this the poor fellow. This dysfunctional family is a foil to the many functional families within the story. You can correctly say that the issues within the family of royalty push him to the brink of insanity. If you're not too afraid, try this interesting approach with your composition.
  • Being a ruler issues- waiting to be a ruler and actually being a king require more than wearing a fancy crown. Anyone who rules a country or knows that they will soon rule a country, are pulled in many directions. This holds true for an even greater effect if getting to the crown has required treachery and murder. These many pulls of the poor main character as well as the treasury and the murder help to make him incredibly unstable. Try this approach when you write your piece.

As you prepare to write your essay on this play, look at the main characters romantic issues, the issues within his family, and the many issues of him being a ruler or achieving the crown in order to rule. All of these three approaches will make an interesting essay.