Suggestions For Students Writing A Research Paper On Zodiac Killer

Creating a meaningful research paper on Zodiac killer may be challenging if you don’t have a clear plan of the writing process in mind. Even a simple to-do list will help you stay focused and organized, which is especially important when you’re working on an archive-based assignment. The following sample guidelines are designed to ensure that you remember about all the vital steps.

How to Compose a Good Research Paper on Zodiac Killer

  1. Come up with a manageable topic idea.
  2. You need to focus your research and ensure that you have plenty of sources to investigate a chosen topic.

  3. Find different types of sources.
  4. It makes sense to check the library catalog, periodicals, and suggestions from your professor. Remember to search for documentary videos as well.

  5. Keep your materials organized.
  6. It’s necessary to group, order, and present your findings and thoughts in an effective way, so create cards, take notes, and outline the structure of your paper.

  7. Write the main sections first.
  8. You’ll complete this assignment faster if formulate your thesis first, prepare a draft of body sections second, sum up the conclusion, and then come back to your introduction.

  9. Finalize your paper step-by-step.
  10. To craft your work, follow these steps: check the overall structure, revise paragraphs’ organization, and review the word choice, punctuation, and spelling.

What Questions to Address in Your Paper

  1. What are the key facts of the Zodiac killer’s biography? Why do you consider them important?
  2. What motivated the killer to commit murders of men and women in California in the late 1960s?
  3. Why did police fail to catch the suspect in the early 1970s? Why is the case file still opened?
  4. What crime scene investigation techniques were used them? Would it be easier to catch the Zodiac killer using tools and approaches known today?
  5. Do you think that the police can find the criminal after almost 50 years going by?
  6. Could social media help the police to solve the Zodiac murders?
  7. Did the murders actually stop? Do you agree that the murders in New York in 1990s were committed by a copycat?
  8. How many victims of the Zodiac are confirmed? How many murder victims are suspected?
  9. Who has solved a Zodiac’s cipher? Why do you think the meaning of the final 18 letters hasn’t been determined?
  10. Who were the main suspects? Why was the case re-opened in 2007?
  11. What is the role of the Zodiac killer in popular culture?