Coming Up With Funny Research Paper Topic Ideas For College

Usually, when people think of research papers, they imagine some very serious topics. However, sometimes students are free to come up with topics that can be less formal. This is a chance to demonstrate your creativity and sense of humor. An interesting paper that also makes you laugh here and there is better than just an interesting paper. So, if you want to create your own funny work, you can gain some inspiration from the list below.

  1. Why it’s good to listen to the advice of your favorite TV show.
  2. Here you can describe how people who watch plenty of TV shows become happier following their advice.

  3. Why videos featuring cats are so popular.
  4. Do thorough research and analyze what makes cats so successful when it comes up to attracting and entertaining people.

  5. Why many students fail to remember the topic of their last lecture but hold in memory all the stats of their RPG-characters.
  6. Investigate in your work which things students consider important in their lives and what is less prioritized.

  7. Why it’s not dangerous to watch violent videos.
  8. Explain that watching videos with violent content doesn’t make you a violent person if your upbringing is good.

  9. Why it’s good to smoke.
  10. Make a list of advantages that smokers gain and compare them with nonsmokers. Who will get more points?

  11. The real thoughts pets have about their owners.
  12. Try to investigate how pets really react when their owners dress them up or play ridiculous games with them.

  13. The worst movie ever.
  14. Make a list of all the bad movies you have seen and try to choose which was the most irritating. Do research on how you managed to watch it until the end.

  15. How to pretend to be a good person.
  16. Investigate what methods you should use to look kind while being a crazy sociopath. Is it possible to be the master of yourself when surrounded by idiots?

  17. Difficulties you face being very beautiful.
  18. Analyze the lives of beautiful people. Are they happy to get so much attention everyday or do they maybe want to be out of spotlight sometimes?

  19. Why it’s good to play video games all day long.
  20. Do research on positive effects that students experience when playing video games. They may include increased reaction due to shooters, ability to work in a team, and multitasking due to strategies.

These research papers are good examples of funny topics that may inspire you to write your own brilliant work.