A List Of Awesome Ideas For Philosophy Term Papers

Philosophy offers unique insight on how people perceive certain concepts. From free will to religion there are literally hundreds or thousands of issues and ideas that affect people on a regular basis. This field works to answer questions and provide proof behind mind-boggling theories. Some theories are questions people have asked for years. Others may be based on current events that have a huge effect on people around the world. Here are some ideas to consider that may inspire your own original idea for your next term paper.

  1. Will we ever prove God exists? A term paper about God existence can explore theories on why people think He exists (or not).
  2. Does a form of knowing including when you don’t know something? Most people associate knowing something as when you have information about it. But if you don’t know, is this still considered a form of knowing something?
  3. Does skill decrease as a person grows older? As people get older what evidence supports the claim that people’s skills decrease?
  4. Does life have a meaning and will we ever understand it? A term paper can review elements behind the meaning of life and what people believe to be true or false.
  5. Are humans meant to be evil toward each other? A term paper can explore characteristics that define a person as being evil and what provokes such behaviors.
  6. Does an unborn child have the same human rights as an adult? How are the rights of an unborn child viewed? What do they consist of?
  7. Everyone may have their own opinion on a topic, but a topic may never be justified. A term paper can review a specific topic that many people have an opinion on but may never be justified.
  8. Should a person always trust their instincts? A term paper can review reasons why a person should or should not always trust their instincts.
  9. Can a person ever be considered perfect? Is it possible for a person to be considered perfect? Many people may say no to this question but some believe it is possible.
  10. Is it ever okay to use Photoshop? What is the point of using Photoshop when people often criticize the software? A term paper can explore reasons behind its use and whether it should be justified.