The Top 20 Most Interesting Chemistry Term Paper Topics

Chemical interactions are responsible for just about everything we see around us. The human body is only able to function because of a series of chemical processes reliably occurring day to day. The world is as a result full of chemistry term paper topics just waiting to be explored. Picking a good topic should really come down to the following:

Your main area of interest

Science can get boring pretty fast if you’re looking into the wrong parts of it. If something is fascinating to you, look into it closely. Your passion may lead you to discover something amazing.

Your laboratory equipment and other resources

If you have access to enough space and equipment to try out anything you like, you will have many more term paper options. If you can’t stick to things you can try out theoretically.

Here are a few great term paper ideas:

  1. The inner workings of covalent bonding
  2. Exploring the differences and similarities between ionic and covalent bonds
  3. A look at surface tension and its implications for the future of transportation
  4. How organic and inorganic molecules differ under microscope
  5. How acids acquire their peculiar characteristics
  6. Explaining the reasons for matter existing in three distinct states
  7. Reversing the PH to turn acids alkaline
  8. Similarities in the compositions of amitriptyline and sildenafil
  9. Extracting anaesthetic compounds from the leaves of the graviola tree
  10. A look at the use of hydrogen in discovering the presence of oxygen
  11. How helium remains both inert and denser than oxygen
  12. Methods of stabilising lithium to prevent its corrosion on contact with oxygen
  13. How nitrogen affects brain chemistry to produce the phenomena of laughter
  14. Exploring the use of electric currents to create a neon glow
  15. How toxic sodium and toxic chlorine combine to form a substance necessary for human life
  16. The ramifications of silicon as a semiconductor being used heavily in the practice of cosmetic surgery
  17. How chlorine removes contaminants from water
  18. How inert gasses can be used in the creation of light
  19. Beryllium and its ability to ameliorate the strengths of other metals to which it is added
  20. How fluorine and the noble gasses are able to bond

A good topic will make the process easier to bear as you get into the difficult part of writing and editing.