How To Find Free Online Research Papers With Works Cited

Research papers are popular assignments that help students improve their writing, research, and analytical skills. Students need lots of time and effort to complete their assignments. One of the last, but not least, steps to take is to compose a page of works cited. This page contains a bibliography of every source that you used in order to prepare your paper. It’s very important to mention every source you consulted, so it’s a good idea to take careful notes while you are writing. Another thing to keep in mind is to visit your supervisor and see which formatting style you should use. It’s a good idea to get a particular style manual or find an online research paper with works cited list.

Most students agree that it’s easier for them to format their writings when they have solid examples. The following list includes some simple suggestions on how to find such sample documents:

  • Learn what resources you might need.
  • You should know what resources are reliable and how to use them efficiently. It’s recommended to use websites ended with .edu and .gov. Educational and governmental institutions check the quality of the content they provide, monitor, and update information. Be careful using websites ended with .com, as some commercial resources provide low quality and plagiarized materials.

  • Check electronic archives of colleges and universities.
  • Most departments upload archives of electronic documents for educational purposes. You might benefit from collections of research papers formatted in different styles. These works are written by former students. Since documents are edited and proofread, they have all the necessary elements, including lists of works cited. In some cases, you might also find comments provided by paper’s supervisors and analytical materials devoted to how to prepare a strong assignment.

  • Visit the website of your college writing lab.
  • The best examples and templates of academic writing could be found at the college writing labs. Instructors carefully selected the best research papers, useful tips and hints, and helpful suggestions on how to write and format your assignment. Use keywords to find what you need and contact the lab’s instructor if you don’t know what sample to use and how to benefit from it. Don’t forget to specify what formatting style you should use and make sure you know whether or not you are allowed to use endnotes. Keep in mind that some supervisors ask students to use single spacing on their works cited pages.