How To Come Up With A Good Sports Topic For A Research Paper


A research paper concerning sports can be quite interesting to write and research on. However, most people find it a great challenge coming up with the topic. There are several ideas from which we can deduce a topic on sports. These include:

  • Health and sports
  • Sports go hand in hand with health issues. Whether it is concerning the positive or negative health effects caused by sports, there is a lot we can write about. For instance we can develop a topic on 'Use of steroids and drugs in sports'. This opens up the mind of the writer so that they can think on diverse issues. These may include:

    1. The side effects of steroids and drugs in sports
    2. The positive effects of using drugs and steroids
    3. The reasons for using drugs and steroids.

    A research paper on any of the above topics requires for the user to have the factual details and supportive data on the sane. This makes the research paper more reliable.

  • Physical injuries from sports
  • In writing a research paper on this topic, the writer should be sure to have the right terminologies of anatomy. You should give the structural deformity that occurs from the injury. From such, there are several topics that may result. These include:

    1. Spinal injury due to a fall in playing football
    2. A personal experience of injury due to sports
    3. Home remedies for a foot dislocation during sports
  • History of sports
  • The history of sports is among the most ideal issues to discuss in a research paper. In any case, a research paper should be detailed which is favored by that subject. A topic on the history of sports can be looked at in several dimensions. These are such as the founder, where it started, and origin of certain games and so on. This creates room for a wide discussion in the same to suit the required length of research paper.

  • Political role in sports
  • A research paper on the role of government can discuss quite a number of things. These include: government support on sports, employment slots created by government on sports, the available government scholarship and awards to the best sport's participants.


All these are super interesting areas to discuss. Basically, coming up with a topic on sports requires an open minded person. That way, it becomes easier for you to both develop the topic and gives you smooth flow during writing. Find assistance from site like this.