Good Junior Research Paper Topics: 20 Unique Suggestions

Junior research paper topics are often based on personal interests or things you know about most. When finding a topic think about how information will be presented and what sources are necessary for research. Your topic should be something you can feel comfortable research and writing about. Your sources should be credible and diverse. Students seeking more guidance can get professional help from this website. Here are pointers and suggestions for your next project.

Choosing Good Ideas to Research and Develop

When it comes to research paper writing and you can choose any topic you want, you are able to make the assignment much easier on yourself than you think. There are so many ideas to consider it can be overwhelming. Focus on what you know and what you want to explore further. Think about your guidelines for your project and a topic idea that will make it easy for you to fulfill them. You can find sample papers online written on a vast selection of topics. As you get more ideas make a list of what you can write and sources needed to get more information.

20 Sample Topics to Help You Create Your Own Ideas

There are so many topics to consider but it comes down to what you are interested in the most. A list of ideas can be enough to spark raw material of your own to consider for your project. To inspire ideas you want to write about here is a list of sample ideas to get you started.

  1. Discouraging students to engage in unlawful behavior.
  2. Should high school students wear uniforms?
  3. Drug activity among middle school students.
  4. Popular healthy snacks.
  5. Should kids have a cell phone?
  6. Should cancer treatment be free?
  7. Why do actors make so much money?
  8. How can global warming be controlled?
  9. How are prisoners used to solve crimes?
  10. How to run for president.
  11. How is a vehicle designed?
  12. Using social media as a promotional tool.
  13. The best memory you can think of.
  14. How come people cannot remember being a baby?
  15. Why is college so expensive?
  16. Average time it takes to pay off a mortgage.
  17. How city water gets cleaned.
  18. Benefits of green tea.
  19. Foods that cause the most allegoric reaction.
  20. Which is most popular: a tablet or a cell phone?