Seven Recommendations For Creating A Strong Research Paper On US History

Building a research paper thought by thought can be a task that requires some focus and deliberation. Each of the topics involved in world wars and US history can be controversial and outright false. Choosing a topic that isn't just on the surface of things will create somewhat of an interest involved for the reader and grader. Finding quality thesis statements comes from a bit of interest in the topic itself, but it also comes from the individuals own pursuit of their own life and their own questions. These questions can be brought into the dissertation to provide some depth and interest while building a stronger paper.

  • Realizing who writes history
  • Creating a thesis to encompass possibility
  • Building something that isn't known
  • Taking a chance on an idea

Realizing that history itself isn't always written by the people who want everyone to know who they are will create an added interest in the subject. History itself can be rewritten depending on the page that people read and crafting a thesis statement can come from a thousand ideas molded into a single concept to address the plethora of imagination. Of course, some facts are facts, but a thesis statement isn't a fact it is more of a possibility and a potential of something.

A thesis statement is about doing something that could be possible and bringing a point and an argument to something that the individual wants to know themselves. This doesn't have to be about becoming something else for a grade, but it can be in the interest of the individual and their specific interests in main topics that are a part of history that resonates with the individual.

Building a thesis statement that isn't known is tough unless the writer finds something that they don't know themselves and can mine for the interest in that specific topic. This creates a large interest and an ongoing possibility throughout the entire paper that retains interest and provides a greater point.

Taking a chance on an idea means finding something that is so exciting to the individual that is similar to the assigned thesis and mining for the gem while having it beyond the level of known territory that the writer would usually pull from. This creates excitement that is transferable through the document and could lead to some interesting supporting documents.